After-School Program

The Afterschool Program strives to serve families by providing a safe and enrichment environment during out of school time that is affordable and accessible to all. 

Dolphins painted on school wall 


SCHOOL YEAR 2020-2021

As we get ready for a new day and a new way in our lives during this unprecedented time. The Afterschool/ Extended Learning staff wants to welcome you to our program. We are very excited to serve our previous participants and more excited to meet our new ones. Procedures will be conducted differently as per previous years to comply with District Policies and CDC guidelines due to Covid-19. We must inform you that Parents/ Guardians (everyone) are required to wear facial masks when you enter our campus at any time of the day, for your safety and others.

Registrations for FY21
Due to covid19, we will be accepting registrations by appointment only . Please call the number listed below for us to schedule you to register your child/children.

Feel free to contact our office at 561-477-2130.

Evelyn Garcia