Dismissal Procedures

  • Only students whose parents are waiting in the car line will be dismissed in front of the school.
  • Students who walk home will be dismissed to the crossing guard at the south end of campus.
  • If you park and get out of your car, you are to wait for your child on the east side of Hammock Street. You can no longer park on the west side.
  • If you park on the west side of the street in the grass area, you park at your own risk. Sheriff's officers frequently patrol the area and you may be ticketed.
  • The car pick-up line will start at the traffic cones set up in the parking lot and will move forward when the teacher on duty removes them.
  • Families will be issued name tags which must be displayed in the upper right corner of the dashboard.
  • Your child will be called to meet your car at a designated point on the loop.